What is PandwaRF?

PandwaRF is a family of pocket-sized, portable RF analysis tools operating the sub-1 GHz range.
It allows the capture, analysis and re-transmission of RF via an Android device or a Linux PC.
Practically, it removes the ‘standard SDR Grind’ of capturing, demodulating, analyzing, modifying and replaying by hand – replacing it with a simple but powerful interface.

System Overview

The PandwaRF system consists of two elements: the hardware device and the software controller, either an Android device or a PC.
The hardware is a very capable device, tailored for beginners and advanced users alike.
Beyond the functionality provided by the Android interface, the PandwaRF can be easily controlled and customized. No need to risk bricking your device or writing in C, the PandwaRF can be controlled by JavaScript, directly on the smartphone.


Captured Data processing offload


Radio Scripting (JavaScript & Python)


RF Packet sniffer


Spectrum analyzer


Fixed codes


Brute Force Attack


Android API & SDK


Capture/ replay attack


USB on Android


De Bruijn attack (OpenSesame)


Rolling codes (gate openers)


Rolling codes (cars, alarms, …)



  • Long range portable version with case, battery & SMA connector
  • Battery included
  • Case included
  • Discontinued

PandwaRF Rogue Pro

  • Advanced brute forcing
  • Battery included
  • Case included
  • Advanced Brute Force
  • 0ms delay between attempts
  • Function mask time optimization (2x-16x faster)
  • Including predefined coding patterns
  • Brute force task splitting
  • Multiband antenna pack included
  • Price: 550€
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PandwaRF Marauder

  • Autonomous capture of RF data
  • Battery included
  • Case included
  • Entirely autonomous
  • Replay from the same Marauder
  • Multi-frequency: 1-2 frequencies
  • Memory size: 256-512 captures
  • Multiband antenna pack included
  • Price: 790€-990€
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  • You are responsible for the payment of customs duties, which are not included in the shipping price. 
  • Currently not available for shipping to Russia.

Technical Specifications

PandwaRF Components
  • Bluetooth Smart Module ISP130301, based on nRF51

  • CC1111 Low-Power SoC with Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver

  • Multi frequencies (from 300 MHz to 928 MHz)

  • Multi modulation (ASK/OOK/MSK/2-FSK/GFSK)

  • Transmit and receive in half duplex mode

  • Support data rates up to 500 kBaud

  • Open hardware

  • Full speed USB: 12 Mbps (Linux or Android)

  • Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (Android)

  • USB charging & battery powered

  • 4 buttons to assign codes

  • 4 Status LEDs

  • 16 Mbit Flash Memory to save custom RF protocols

  • Rechargeable battery powered for stand-alone operation

  • Battery fuel gauge

  • RX amplifier for improved sensitivity: +13dB from 300MHz-1GHz

  • TX amplifier for higher output power: +20dB @ 433MHz & +17dB @ 900MHz

  • SMA connector for external antenna

  • Antenna port power control for external LNA

  • 22-pin expansion and programming header

  • Included: Battery and injection molded plastic enclosure

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  • PandwaRF is a test equipment for RF systems. It has not been tested for compliance with the regulations governing the transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your PandwaRF legally.
  • The intentional jamming of RF signals is ILLEGAL. PandwaRF is designed for low power jamming and shall only be used for testing the robustness of your own devices.

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