avril 2017

Interested in Becoming a PandwaRF Reseller?

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We are looking for resellers, especially outside the EU but not exclusively. If you are interested in becoming a PandwaRF reseller, please contact us. For orders within the EU, PandwaRF is already available on:   Passion [...]

New Features Available!

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Hi everybody, It has been a busy month since our last post, so here is a recap of some new features that we have released for PandwaRF. Brute Force: You may have seen the last improvement [...]

PandwaRF Demo: Disarming an Alarm Using the Brute Force Feature

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Are your alarm systems secure? We just uploaded a short video showing how to use the PandwaRF Brute Force integrated feature to deactivate a low-cost alarm. The setup was: Smartphone PandwaRF Android app PandwaRF dongle Low-cost [...]

mars 2017

février 2017

ComThings’ portable radio analysis tool PandwaRF featured in La Tribune

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PandwaRF, our portable radio analysis tool, was just featured in the French newspaper La Tribune. The article introduces ComThings, the company behind PandwaRF, and focuses on the motivation behind our decision to build PandwaRF and adapt it [...]

Shipping to Russia

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Hello dear Russian friends, You may already know that, but shipping something to Russia is a real pain. It really hurts and we discovered it recently... Transporters were reluctant to take our shipping orders and [...]

janvier 2017

Do you want to write a PandwaRF review?

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Are you interested in testing our PandwaRF ? If you: Have a blog/website related to RF hacking, cybersecurity, pen testing, SDR and similar subjects Have experience in RF protocol reversing Have experience and knowledge in the [...]

Latest news

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Hello everyone, We received many messages from you, either by email or on our chat and forum, but we'd love to have even more feedback. So if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, please [...]

Introducing PandwaRF Bare

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Thanks to all of you who answered our survey and in case you haven't, we'd love to have your feedback too. One of the questions was if you were interested in a developer version of PandwaRF, without [...]

PandwaRF Demo: Data rate measurement and data capture

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We just uploaded a short video showing the PandwaRF data rate measurement and data capture features. Tools used in the demo: PandwaRF board Nexus 5X phone Waveform generator sending a square signal at 1000 Hz [...]

décembre 2016

What’s next ?

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Dear all, We've had some busy weeks, fixing many of the bugs from the Android app (dear NullPointer and IndexOutOfBounds Exceptions, I will kill you all). Several issues were reported, and we made a release [...]

Yard Stick One vs RTL-SDR vs PandwaRF: Fight of the dwarves

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I will try to explain here the main differences between these devices. Many of you already know all this, and in this case you can just skip to the end for PandwaRF-related information. RTL-SDR The [...]

PandwaRF Wiki now available

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Dear backers, By now, most of your orders either have already been shipped, or are on their way. We received a lot of feedback from you guys and we really appreciate it. Your comments help [...]

novembre 2016

We are shipping!

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Dear backers, We are very happy to announce that we are now starting to ship PandwaRF (previously GollumRF)! The PCBs, batteries and enclosures are all assembled, the antennas are also ready and we are now [...]

octobre 2016

Final version ready!

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Thank you for all your messages. We’re happy that you’re just as excited as we are about our GollumRF. We have big news for you, both good and bad. We'll start with the good news. It's [...]

août 2016

How to code your own remote control using GollumRF JavaScript Engine

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We just uploaded a short video showing how easy it is to make your own implementation of an existing remote control using the GollumRF JavaScript engine. The setup is the same: - an Android smartphone, [...]

GollumRF referral program

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Hello everyone, Good news! We've just set up a referral program for GollumRF (for a limited time only!). After making a purchase on our website, you'll receive 20€ for every friend you recommend GollumRF to [...]

Production status update – August 2016

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At last! We received the GollumRF pre-production batch! And you know what? They're working as expected, and thanks to the power amplifiers and external antenna we have seen a huge improvement in the RF performance [...]

juillet 2016

Update on the production status: GollumRF coming soon!

By | juillet 7th, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Hi GollumRF supporters, We just wanted to update you on the evolution of our GollumRF. First of all, the pre-production batch is on its way! We just kicked off the first production round of GollumRF [...]

juin 2016

RF Jamming using GollumRF JavaScript Engine

By | juin 27th, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , |

We have set up a short video to show 2 features at the same time: GollumRF JavaScript Engine and RF Jamming. We used a RTL-SDR dongle + CubicSDR as a spectrum analyzer to visualize the [...]

mars 2016

GollumRF Spectrum Analyzer demo video

By | mars 15th, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: , |

We just uploaded a video showing the #GollumRF Spectrum Analyzer functionnality of a 433.92 MHz remote control (Nice FLO1) from an Android phone. More video on ComThings Youtube channel.  

février 2016

GollumRF Sub-1GHz RF hacking tool is now on Hackaday.io

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We have just released details of our GollumRF platform on hackaday.io GollumRF is the bridge between smartphone and other wireless objects transmitting in the sub-1GHz RF band, like garage door receivers, car keyfobs, roller shutters, [...]

GollumRF survey available

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Want a GollumRF? Please take this GollumRF Survey so we can make it happen! And do not forget to give us some feedback on features you like.

décembre 2015

Gollum – Smartphone programmable RF hacking tool – now open for Pre-Orders

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We are now opening pre-orders for Gollum V2, the programmable RF hacking tool controlled by your smartphone. More detailled information about Gollum V2 can be found here.   Estimated shipping date is April 2016. You will not [...]

novembre 2015

ComThings Gollum V1- Remote control copy using Smartphone

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Here it is: as requested and promised, a video showing how to use Gollum V1 (USB version) to copy/clone a RF remote control. In this video, we show you how we capture data from 433 MHz [...]

octobre 2015

Gollum: One (RF) remote control to rule them all

By | octobre 29th, 2015|Categories: News|Tags: , |

ComThings is proud to announce the version 2 of the Gollum, the foundation for our commercial shared parking device: CTbee. Gollum is a programmable RF hacking tool controlled by your smartphone. Here is a list [...]

novembre 2014

Gollum Project: video #2 – Partage de Télécommande par Smartphone

By | novembre 24th, 2014|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

Et hop, une 2eme video sur le partage: Partager une télécommande radio mais en gardant le contrôle... Gollum permet de partager une télécommande radiofréquence existante avec un autre utilisateur. Toutes les télécommandes sont centralisées dans [...]

Gollum Project: video #1 – Copie de télécommande par Smartphone

By | novembre 24th, 2014|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

La premiere video du prototype Gollum est en ligne !!! Je montre comment "sniffer" une télécommande de portail et aspirer son signal, pour ensuite le renvoyer. Attention c'est la version USB, et pas encore la [...]