Find out immediately the type of encryption used by your keyfob!

Directly from PandwaRF Android application RX/TX page, your captured data is analysed in real time and PandwaRF indicates the type of encryption used.

For example, when sniffing a Somfy Keytis keyfob, PandwaRF will recognize the protocol used and display Somfy RTS (rolling code).

For a Keeloq transmission, PandwaRF can even indicate the type of Keeloq (66/67/69 bits), and the encoding (Manchester, PWM, …).

Very useful to know that all your RF parameters are correct and captured data will be correctly analysed by Kaiju 🙂


Stay tuned for other new protocol detection in real time (right now I am thinking about adding some cars protocols, alarms, etc..) 🙂