Here is a recap of the features & changes recently introduced in Kaiju:

  • New KeeLoq Calculator tool. Easily encrypt/decrypt and understand KeeLoq encoding. PWM only. More information here.
  • Data analysis from Flipper SubGHz Key & RAW Files (.sub)
  • Generation of Flipper SubGHz Key & RAW Files (.sub)
  • Display origin of input data (binary/hex/Flipper Zero/IQ file/…) in the remote list


We have also worked hard to support new models of gate opener remote controls.

These new brand/models/protocols are available starting from Kaiju Pro licenses:

  • Add support for VDS ECO-R
  • Fixes for Nice Era
  • Fixes for Wisniowski
  • Fixes for Came Space SP2
  • Fixes for Dickert HS868-00
  • Improvement for Prastel decoding


New brand/models/protocols introduced in Kaiju LEA licenses (restricted features):

  • Add support for Cardin S508
  • Add support for Beninca TOGOVA
  • Add support for Ditec ZENP

Is there a remote control model you would like Kaiju to support? Just drop us an email and we will see what we can do.