7 Déc, 2017

Christmas Sale for the Last Pieces of our Batch!

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Hi everybody, We are quickly depleting our current PandwaRF batch. The public version of PandwaRF is now sold out and, [...]

5 Déc, 2017

PandwaRF featured in the French journal Auto Plus

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Not long ago the French magazine Auto Plus contacted us because they were interested in writing an article on the [...]

28 Nov, 2017

RTL-SDR blog reviews PandwaRF

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A few weeks ago the RTL-SDR blog  published a PandwaRF review. The article covers several features that were tested, including: Spectrum [...]

8 Sep, 2017

What PandwaRF Version Is Right For You?

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PandwaRF is a portable RF analysis tool available in several versions. We often get asked which version to choose, and [...]

27 Juil, 2017

Here Are The Winners Of Our First PandwaRF Giveaway

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Many of you participated in our giveaway contest and we are very excited and flattered by your interest in PandwaRF :) [...]

20 Juil, 2017

Watch PandwaRF Rogue Pro Disarm An Alarm In 15 Seconds

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Many of you asked for a video showing the difference between the PandwaRF and the PandwaRF Rogue Pro, and here [...]

15 Juin, 2017

We Are Giving Away 5 PandwaRF!

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Good news everybody! We have decided to give away 5 PandwaRF to those of you who have some cool projects [...]

19 Mai, 2017

PandwaRF Demo: Connect to a Linux Computer Using USB

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Hi everybody, We just uploaded a short video showing how to use PandwaRF with a Linux computer using the USB connection. [...]

12 Mai, 2017

Latest News

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Hi everybody, Here is a recap of what happened in the last few weeks regarding PandwaRF. PandwaRF recovery procedure Some [...]

25 Avr, 2017

Interested in Becoming a PandwaRF Reseller?

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We are looking for resellers, especially outside the EU but not exclusively. If you are interested in becoming a PandwaRF reseller, [...]