PandwaRF is a portable RF analysis tool available in several versions.

We often get asked which version to choose, and almost as often some of you are interested in a version which isn’t the most adapted to their use case or RF knowledge level. So here is a roundup of the main product versions you can choose from.

PandwaRF Bare – bare version

This is the most “basic” version of PandwaRF, a bare PCB with no case, battery or antenna. Only the FW is included: it can receive OTA FW updates and is compatible with the PandwaRF Android app and SDK.

PandwaRF Bare – developer version

PandwaRF Bare also comes in a developer version – a bare PandwaRF development board with no FW included. You can learn how to program it in the Hardware Programming section of our wiki.


It is the main and most popular product version, mostly because it is a multi-purpose tool, ideal for most users. Unlike PandwaRF Bare, it also includes an enclosure and a battery for stand-alone operation. It is available with our without an antenna pack. You can find more about PandwaRF on our website.

PandwaRF Rogue Pro

The Rogue Pro was designed for advanced users like pentesters or security professionals and it is specialized on brute forcing wireless devices in order to test their security. Compared to the PandwaRF, it has enhanced brute force capabilities thanks to a reworked brute force engine. Here you can find more details about the Rogue Pro’s additional features.

PandwaRF Rogue Gov

The Rogue Gov has the same features as the Rogue Pro, and some additional ones dedicated to (and reserved for) police and Law Enforcement Agencies. Please contact us for more information on PandwaRF Rogue Gov.

PandwaRF Marauder: coming soon!

PandwaRF Marauder is the newest member in the PandwaRF family. It is not available yet, but we will release more information about it soon. If you’re really curious, we can tell you that it has something to do with passive RF sniffing for capture & replay 😉

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