Many of you participated in our giveaway contest and we are very excited and flattered by your interest in PandwaRF 🙂 After much deliberation we picked the 3 winners. Yes, we initially said there would be 5 of them, but unfortunately the other participants didn’t meet the criteria listed in the giveaway guidelines above. Don’t worry, this is our first contest but not our last, so you’ll have another chance.

So here are the lucky winners. Congratulations and thanks to all of you for your participation and enthusiasm!

Guillaume is a 18-year old student living in France. He fell in love with the RF world when he got the chance to borrow and try out a proxmark3, an Ubertooth, a RTL-SDR and a PandwaRF. He would be very happy to continue playing with the PandwaRF and he’s thinking about installing a hackbox on a Raspberry Pi with RF capabilities, in order to audit wireless networks and mostly devices around the 433 Mhz frequency.

Tamer is a hobbyist, maker and blogger from Turkey (you can take a look at his work here).  He is active in his local hackerspace (Hackerspace Instanbul), where he introduced RF, SDR and related concepts to members, and is also a licensed ham radio operator.

Laurent is a tech enthusiast living in France. He experimented with robotics in the Pobot association, is a member of the radio amateur club in Antibes and contributor of their GitHub branch. During a connected objects competition, he used the LoRa technology  to develop a LoRa demodulation plugin using SDRAngel. What he plans to do with PandwaRF? A LoRa demodulator on Android using our SDK, possibly including packet injection and payload management.

Winners, by now you should have already received an email from us. We can’t wait to see what you’ll develop using your PandwaRF! Feel free to share your work with us and we’ll be happy to feature it on our website 😀