Good news everybody!

We have decided to give away 5 PandwaRF to those of you who have some cool projects in mind, as a way to support and encourage your ideas.

This is how you can enter the competition, which will close on July 15:

  • Send us an email to tell us a little about yourself and explain what you are planning to do using your PandwaRF
  • Publish a Tweet using the hashtag #PandwaRF in which you briefly describe your project

We will choose the winners based on several criteria:

  1. The awesomeness of your project
  2. The reactions to your Tweet (likes, retweets, comments etc)
  3. Your knowledge or other projects you already made
  4. Preferably the usage of the PandwaRF Android SDK  to create a cool application
  5. Your project’s contribution to reverse engineering & characterizing new devices, e.g. defining their parameters (frequency, modulation, bit rate, symbol encoding etc).

Basically we will choose projects which we find interesting but also which are supported by other members of the community. This way we’ll ensure a fair competition.

The winners will receive a free PandwaRF (long-range PandwaRF with case and battery + antenna pack with 1 telescopic antenna and 3 miniature SMA antennas) and their projects will be featured on our website at the end of the selection.

We can’t wait to see what ideas you’ll come up with!