20 Aug, 2018

PandwaRF Demo: Jamming detection

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We just uploaded a demo video showing a new feature we have been working on. It is called jamming detection [...]

15 Mar, 2018

Coming soon to a PandwaRF near you: USB (Demo video)

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You may already know that PandwaRF supports USB connection to Linux using the RfCat Python script. Since a few releases we [...]

9 Feb, 2018

Latest news – Part 1: Awesome new features

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In the last few months we added some exciting new features to the PandwaRF. Here's what changed: New connection security [...]

19 May, 2017

PandwaRF Demo: Connect to a Linux Computer Using USB

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Hi everybody, We just uploaded a short video showing how to use PandwaRF with a Linux computer using the USB connection. [...]

20 Apr, 2017

New Features Available!

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Hi everybody, It has been a busy month since our last post, so here is a recap of some new [...]

19 Dec, 2016

Yard Stick One vs RTL-SDR vs PandwaRF: Fight of the dwarves

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I will try to explain here the main differences between these devices. Many of you already know all this, and [...]