We are pleased to introduce another PandwaRF new feature — the auto power off.

This feature allows you to set up an inactivity timer after which the PandwaRF will automatically shut down. It is now available for all the PandwaRF versions.

In this mode, the PandwaRF will drastically reduce its power consumption.

  • When the auto power off is deactivated, the PandwaRF will remain idle and continue to send BLE advertising packets. The power consumption is reduced, but not as much as it could be, because the BLE chip is still powered on.
  • With auto power off activated, the PandwaRF will advertise as usual until it reaches the inactivity timer, then it will shut down all its components, allowing weeks of standby time.

The auto power off feature can be enabled/disabled from the Information page of the app, and the inactivity timer can be from 3 mn to 999 mn.

Remember that you can always power off the PandwaRF manually by:

  • pressing the Power Off button from the Information page
  • opening the enclosure and pressing the SW1 button for 2s

In all cases, PandwaRF will wake up if you plug-in a USB cable, or open the enclosure and press any button.

We will continue to work hard to prepare more enhancements, so please continue sending us your valuable feedback and stay tuned. And if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us on https://github.com/ComThings/PandwaRF/issues or via our chat or forum.