We just uploaded a video where we explain what happens when you use the brute force feature of the PandwaRF.

The setup was composed of:

  • one PandwaRF device (in the demo we used the public version of PandwaRF, but for advanced brute forcing we recommend using the PandwaRF Rogue Pro)
  • the Android application
  • one RTL-SDR dongle connected to SDR#
  • another RTL-SDR dongle connected to Universal Radio Hacker

We started by explaining the parameters of the brute force fragment in the application: endianness, function mask and value, symbol encoding etc.

We then launched a brute force attack and we analyzed the data using SDR# and Universal Radio Hacker.

The purpose of the demo was to understand the connection between the settings of the brute force fragment and the final data by visualizing the result.

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Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: You may only use the brute force feature to assess the security of your own RF devices. You are solely responsible for using your PandwaRF legally.