Here are our latest news regarding the PandwaRF product versions.

Last pieces of the current PandwaRF batch

We have almost depleted our current stock of PandwaRF and PandwaRF Rogue Pro.
We are expecting a new PCB delivery from production in a few days. It will be on a first come first served basis, so hurry up if you want to get one.
As usual, they are assembled (with paternal love) by me, and packaged and shipped (carefully and efficiently) by Tania.
To celebrate the end of our 3rd production batch, here is a coupon code of 20% on all our products: CBAF6FD58DF7. Use it when placing an order on

This coupon is only valid for our remaining stock, which is : 5 PandwaRF and 3 PandwaRF Rogue Pro.
It will be valid as long as our stock lasts. Hurry up.

PandwaRF family overview

We, at ComThings, also design and manufacture other PandwaRF variants for more dedicated purposes.

PandwaRF Rogue Pro: RF advanced brute forcing for cybersecurity professionals & advanced users
The Rogue Pro has a fully reworked embedded brute force engine with a speed up to 30x faster than the PandwaRF.
With this feature, it can brute force an alarm in less than a minute! Check our video!

PandwaRF Rogue Gov: This variant can do the same as the Pro variant, and much more! It has a lot of features that we cannot unleash in the wild with peace of mind. Unfortunately we can’t tell you how powerful it is, since it is reserved for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.

If you think your business is affiliated with LEA or if you have a legitimate need for the Gov variant, please contact us! We will be happy to share the features in detail with you.

More details about the PandwaRF Rogue Pro and Gov.

Custom design & On-demand features

ComThings also designs custom RF penetration testing tools for professionals or law enforcement agencies.
This ranges from specific FW features to dedicated HW & customized enclosures.
Please contact us if you have a specific need.