Here is a recap of the features & changes recently introduced in Kaiju:

Free trial license

Every new Kaiju account will be granted a 15-days trial license for gate openers.

Existing users can request a 15-days trial license from the profile page.

Fallback license

A Fallback license has been attached to every PandwaRF Rogue/Marauder. A fallback license gives access to some Kaiju analysis and remote or rolling code generation.

More features can be unlocked using a Kaiju license, among others:

  • better quotas of data analysis and rolling codes creation
  • longer input payload accepted
  • API support
  • SDR IQ files support
  • Yard Stick One (YS1) support
  • Flipper Zero support

Fixed codes

Analysis of remotes with fixed codes is now possible. Not all fixed codes remotes are supported. The reason is because fixed code remotes can easily be hacked using simple replay attack, we have doubts about the usefulness of supporting fixed codes in Kaiju. Please let us know if you would like to see fixed codes support continued in Kaju.

Input data format

It is now possible to send captured data to Kaiju in several forms:

  • Binary or hexadecimal string
  • Sequence of pulse width durations (Flipper Zero or EvilCrowRF style)
  • SDR IQ file
  • Flipper Zero RAW .sub File

We have also reworked the Analyse menu and several pages into just 2 input pages (bin/hex/pulse, IQ/Flipper zero).


Remote customization

It is now possible to add a name and description of the analyzed remote in the comment section. Each analyzed remote in your account with same brand/model and serial number will be assigned the same name, but not the same comment.

As an example, a name can be “ACME front barrier”, and comment would be like “Captured for pentest XYZ”.

Real time highlighting of similar data

At ComThings we are huge fans of CyberChef, described as The Cyber Swiss Army Knife. If you are into hacking, reversing, or simply developing, you should definitely try it.

I personally love that it highlights any string identical to the one currently selected. It allows me to quickly identify recurring patterns when I reverse a RF transmission.

So we have decided to implement the same feature in Kaiju. You can try it in the Captured Input Data section of any analyzed remote.

Account deletion

We have added a danger zone section within the Profile page, allowing a user to delete its account.

KeeLoq Encrypt/Decrypt Interactive Calculator 😉

This new feature is coming very soon…