Thanks to all of you who answered our survey and in case you haven’t, we’d love to have your feedback too.

One of the questions was if you were interested in a developer version of PandwaRF, without any FW pre-flashed.

About 60% of the answers were positive, so a new product version will soon be available: PandwaRF Bare – a PandwaRF development board, with debug pins & GPIOs but with no FW, case and battery. For a detailed comparison of the different versions please check our homepage.

Please note that this version, unlike PandwaRF, will not be plug&play. It requires a development kit in order to program the Nordic BLE module and the CC1111 transceiver. For guidelines please check the Hardware Programming section in our wiki.

We’ll start shipping PandwaRF Bare on February 15, but it is now available for order. And good news, shipping to the European Union is still free 🙂

Stay tuned!

Update October 2018: The PandwaRF Bare – developer version is no longer available. All PandwaRF Bare now include FW.