Hello everyone,

We received many messages from you, either by email or on our chat and forum, but we’d love to have even more feedback. So if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, please answer our survey.

Also, in order to better track issues, please submit any bug of PandwaRF to our GitHub bug tracking system. This will make our life easier than tracking issues by email. It will also allow us to identify what phones & Android versions are causing problems.

New FW being deployed

We are improving the Brute Force feature and you will now be able to brute force devices using ternary or quaternary encoding. Note that this requires a FW update. We remind you that you must only brute force devices you own, in order to assess their security.


Our pre-order batch is almost depleted, we now only have a few pieces left which are still available for order.

Some of you contacted us to ask about the status of their order. Please note that we only ship once or twice per week, so your order will be sent between 1 day and 1 week after your payment. You’ll also receive an email with the tracking number once it has been shipped.

We also want to let you know that unfortunately we won’t be shipping to Russia anymore. The customs requirements are very restrictive and the shipments are only being returned to us, which didn’t happen for any other country so far.

PandwaRF featured on rtl-sdr.com

In case you missed it, PandwaRF has been featured on rtl-sdr.com. We are really happy about this since it’s a blog we love and follow regularly.
And also we are glad to anounce that PandwaRF has already been shipped to 20 countries so far including Latvia, Taiwan, and Hawaii (which is not a country, but exotic enough to mention it).

Introducing PandwaRF Bare

Last but not least, a new product version is now available: PandwaRF Bare – a PandwaRF development board, with debug pins & GPIOs but with no FW, case and battery. For a detailed comparison of the different versions please check our homepage.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!