The PandwaRF family is composed of several product versions.

Over time we introduced new versions, and some of the older ones were discontinued. 

Here is what you can currently choose from and a short description to help you make the right choice, based on your use case and RF knowledge.

PandwaRF Bare


PandwaRF Big components

This is the most “basic” version of PandwaRF, a bare PCB with no case, battery or antenna. The FW is flashed and can receive OTA FW updates and is compatible with the PandwaRF Android app and SDK. This is the version you want to choose if you intend to develop your own firmware. The tools required to flash both the Nordic BLE FW and CC1111 RF FW are described here. The schematics are also available in our wiki.


PandwaRF Rogue

It is the main and most popular product version, mostly because it is a multi-purpose tool, ideal for most users. Unlike PandwaRF Bare, it also includes an enclosure and a battery for standalone operation. It is available with or without an antenna pack. You can find more about PandwaRF on our website.

PandwaRF Rogue Pro

PandwaRF Rogue Pro

The Rogue Pro is designed for advanced users and is very popular among pentesters or security professionals. It is specialized in brute forcing wireless devices in order to test their security. Compared to the PandwaRF, it has enhanced brute force capabilities thanks to a reworked brute force engine. Rogue Pro also has an integrated database of some of the most common chipsets used in RF appliances. Here you can find more details about the Rogue Pro’s additional features.

PandwaRF Rogue Gov

PandwaRF Rogue Gov

The Rogue Gov has the same features as the Rogue Pro, and some additional ones dedicated to police and Law Enforcement Agencies, including a commercial alarm database. Compared to the previous versions, it has a different (and simpler) Android application which doesn’t require much RF knowledge. The application is almost plug and play, and allows the user to select a brand and model and start a brute force in a few seconds. Rogue Gov can also capture RF data, analyze it, and change the command contained inside the frame to impersonate the original transmitter. Find out more about Rogue Gov here.  

PandwaRF Marauder

PandwaRF Marauder is the newest member in the PandwaRF family.

The Marauder has been developed for activities requiring a discreet capture of RF data, typically keypress of keyfobs (alarms, cars, gate openers…).

Once started, the Marauder is entirely autonomous. It can be set up to automatically listen and record all RF data on pre-configured frequencies. Captured data is automatically demodulated and saved internally in the product’s internal memory. RF data can be replayed when needed using the dedicated Android application. 

The typical usage is to place the Marauder hidden near the target, wait until the target transmits some RF commands, and pick up the Marauder a few days later to analyze or retransmit the captured data.

It is currently on pre-order at a lower price until July 31. You can find out more about the Marauder here.


  • PandwaRF Bare: the cheapest version, no battery, no case. To experiment without big investment. €.
  • PandwaRF: Fits in your pocket, battery, nice black case. For basic RF tasks. €€.
  • PandwaRF Rogue Pro: Better at pentesting and brute forcing. Faster and more powerful. €€€.
  • PandwaRF Rogue Gov: Faster. Home Alarm hacking feature. Not for the Dark Side. €€€€.
  • PandwaRF Marauder: drop and forget. Capture and replay. Works without a Smartphone. €€€ to €€€€.

Before choosing a product version, you should think about what you are planning to use your PandwaRF for.

  • If you are not sure or you just want to try it out, the PandwaRF is probably right for you.
  • If you have a more specific purpose you should take a look at the Rogue Pro or the Marauder.
  • If you want to capture RF data while your smartphone is connected, you can use a Rogue Pro.
  • If you want to make RF captures while being not connected and away, you need a Marauder.
  • If you are part of/working with LEA and you don’t have a vast RF knowledge, the Rogue Gov is probably the best choice.