Oyez, oyez,

We have several open positions to work with ComThings, in Nice, French Riviera.

Offers are long term (CDI) or 6 months (internship).

You will actively contribute to developing products like PandwaRF Rogue, PandwaRF Marauder, and other cool products in the fields of RF hacking & penetration testing.

The jobs requires English speaking, and French would be a clear plus.

Open Jobs

Firmware development

You like embedded C, RTOS & MCUs like STM32, MSP430, Intel 8051? You have a passion for RF & transceivers. You know the difference between the stack and the heap? Check this offer!

RF & Firmware reverse engineering

If you like understanding how RF security protocols work, what are their strengths & weaknesses, how to bypass them? This offer is for you.

  • You will capture, reverse and decipher tons of RF transmissions,
  • You will extract firmwares from protected devices and perform Side Channel Attacks on various microcontrollers,
  • You will challenge MCU security protections & circumvent them,
  • All of that being on the right side of the law?
  • Look no further, we have the right job.

Check our job positions.