We are happy to share great news for the Offensive & Red Team community.

Starting May 2023, ComThingsPenthertz & AT Security will join their forces and combine their respective areas of expertise to offer a 5 days training focused on physical pentesting.

Attendees will learn the basis of:

  • RF hacking with a particular focus on hacking gate openers & rolling codes,
  • RFID, LF & HF tags analysis, simulation & copy,
  • Lock opening, key copying from pictures, physical security bypass.

This will be a great opportunity to get a complete overview on the most used entry techniques.

This 5-days training will be located in France, and is open to every Pentester, Red Team member, Engineer, Professional or Hobbyist.

Each attendee will receive a hardware pack to practice the majority of the training exercises later at home.

There will be a limited number of seats, so send us an email to reserve a seat or wait for the official registration launch.

More details (exact location, price, agenda, …) to come very soon.

About the trainers:

  • ComThings is the company behind the PandwaRF products family – the RF tools dedicated to physical pentesters, cybersecurity professionals, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies & Kaiju – Rolling code analyzer & generator,
  • Penthertz provides security assessments, trainings and custom development for hardware and wireless security,
  • AT Security is specialized in Covert Entry tests, training & tools: physical penetration, security audits, forensic locksmithing.