Evil Crow RF V2 is a radiofrequency hacking device for professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

For those who know Yard Stick One (YS1), Evil Crow RF V2 is a bit similar, but with a browser interface replacing the RfCat Python scripts.

With the browser interface you can easily configure your Evil Crow RF V2 thanks to the built-in Wifi module. Evil Crow RF V2 is also more accessible than RfCat for those who don’t want to write Python code.

Evil Crow RF V2 has two Texas Instruments CC1101 RF transceivers where PandwaRF and YS1 both have a single CC1111 (CC1111 = 8051 MCU + CC1101).

So let’s make a quick recap:

  • Evil Crow RF V2: Wifi, 2x CC1101, web panel interface, battery powered
  • Yard Stick One: USB, 1x CC1111, Python with RfCat, no battery
  • PandwaRF: USB, BLE, 1x CC1111, Android application, Python with RfCat, JS, battery powered

Now all of these devices are compatible with Kaiju – Rolling code analyzer & generator.

To see what it looks like adding Kaiju rolling code support to your project, we have created a few RfCat Python scripts on how to use the Kaiju API here.

Also the Kaiju API documentation can be useful.

We will be happy to support you in making your project compatible with Kaiju, just contact us using our Discord server.