PandwaRF Update – September 2023

RF data chunks

A few months ago we started to progressively deliver a big improvement in the way PandwaRF captures RF data.

The RF data is now split into smaller RF chunks that are independent from the others and can be replayed, analyzed or deleted without impacting others chunks.

See also the blog post: New feature: Automatic splitting of RX data into data chunks.

Rolling code analysis chunk by chunk

Each RX chunk is now analyzed independently of the others. If a known fixed or rolling code patttern is found for a chunk, it is indicated in the data chunk section, and the corresponding RF data is colorized

Pattern highlight in pulse mode

The pulse mode – aka Asynchronous/Auto mode – is when you don’t configure a RX sampling rate but instead let PandwaRF capture data as a sequence of durations (the pulses).

Note: The Asynchronous mode is only available on PandwaRF Rogue & Marauder V4.

Fixed code autodetection

If captured data in a chunk corresponds to a known fixed code pattern, it is indicated in the chunk section.

User experience

The PandwaRF App has been refreshed and now uses Material Design. Many features have been regrouped or moved.

We believe the way the user interacts with the app has now been greatly simplified. Please tell us what you think using our Discord Server.

Battery Status

PandwaRF battery status is now displayed in App’s toolbar.

PandwaRF & Kaiju association

A Kaiju icon in the app Scan page now indicates if the visible PandwaRFs are associated with the current Kaiju account. It can help a user with multiple devices to connect to the right PandwaRF.