Good news!

After 5 PCB redesigns of the PandwaRF V4 to deal with components shortage, obsolescence of several components, Product Discontinuation Notice (PDN) received for the ISP130301 (PandwaRF main MCU), we managed to stabilize the HW and went to production earlier this year.

We have now validated the PandwaRF V4 Rev. E and received the first pre-production batch, which works fine (*).


We are waiting for a first production batch that we can send to backers.

This production batch will be assembled W38 (Sept 23, 2022) and shipped W39.

We plan to receive a first shipment of:

  • 70x PandwaRF Marauder Basic & Standard
  • 65x PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate
  • 100x PandwaRF Rogue Pro

Once the shipments to backers are done, we expect a a few devices of each model to be available for new orders.

We will ship these devices as long as we have stocks.

*: BTW the new asynchronous mode is promising, wait for some more information in a yet to come blog post.

Bad news!

Now the bad news is we don’t know when another production batch will arrive.

Should you be interested in one of the PandwaRF variants, consider placing an order ASAP.