Padawan! Our new training course for Law Enforcement Agencies and Police is here!

In this 2 to 3 days training session, you will learn the basics of RF hacking, with a particular focus on hacking gate openers & rolling codes.

What you will learn

Our trainings are focused on RH hacking of devices such as garage, gate openers, home alarms, cars, etc…

You will learn:

  • the basics of these devices, how they operate, their weaknesses, how to circumvent them
  • how to use Software Defined Radio (SDR) to capture and analyze RF transmissions
  • how to use PandwaRF Rogue, PandwaRF Marauder & Kaiju to:
    • capture, modify, retransmit RF data
    • identify the security protocol used by a device
    • perform various types of RF attacks
    • bypass rolling codes security

The content is highly customizable per your needs and the course is interactive, so you will practice on real systems.


Here is a typical agenda:

  • Introduction to RF & SDR
  • RF capture using SDR
  • RF analysis using URH
  • Introduction to PandwaRF products
  • Use cases
    • RF replay attack on a low cost alarm/gate opener
    • PandwaRF sniff and replay
    • PandwaRF brute forcing
    • Rolling code: cloning a high end gate opener
    • Rolling code: Sensitive content redacted
    • Rolling code hacking: Sensitive content redacted
    • Sensitive content redacted

The whole training is to take place in our Nice, French Riviera office, so bring your sunglasses 🙂

Contact us for more information.