We have set up a short video to show 2 features at the same time:

  • GollumRF JavaScript Engine and
  • RF Jamming.

We used a RTL-SDR dongle + CubicSDR as a spectrum analyzer to visualize the original frequency used by the remote control and the jamming frequency.
The jammed device is a Nice FLO remote control, used for garage doors, operating at 433.92 MHz, with OOK modulation.
The garage door receiver is a Nice FLOx receiver, and the gate opening/closing is simulated with a red light.
The RF jammer is a GollumRF hack mini.

The following demo shows how to use our RF Jamming APIs (gollumRfStartRfJamming(), gollumRfStopRfJamming() in a JavaScript.
All you need to do is enter some settings like the jamming frequency, data rate to use and modulation.
Please note that the data rate has an impact on the jamming bandwidth.

GollumRF also supports natively RF jamming using our Android app. Stay tuned, in the following days we’ll publish another video demo showing this feature.