Hi GollumRF supporters,

We just wanted to update you on the evolution of our GollumRF.

First of all, the pre-production batch is on its way!

We just kicked off the first production round of GollumRF Hack and we’ll receive them next week. We then expect 2 or 3 weeks of extensive testing, and another 3 to 4 weeks for our fab to manufacture a second batch. When it arrives, the backers (thank you again for your support, we love you guys) will of course have their GollumRF shipped first, and the remaining pieces will be available for sale. Warning, there will only be a limited amount of GollumRF to dispatch… so be quick.

The LiPo batteries are somewhere between China and France at the moment, probably delayed by customs… We also received a different set of external antennas, which are currently under test. We will ship the ones with the best performance on the full sub-1 GHz RF spectrum.

The plastic case design is almost finished, we’re just waiting for the PCB to check if they fit correctly.

Regarding the progress of the SW development, the brute force attack is almost finished, and we will soon start the De Bruijn attack. Also, the rolling code Keeloq encryption/decryption implementation is ongoing.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep posting exciting updates and news in the following days.  Coming up: a demo video showing how to replace a remote control using the GollumRF JavaScript Engine.

And in case you haven’t seen it, check out our last video showing the RF Jamming using the GollumRF JavaScript Engine here.