Hi everybody,

Here is a recap of what happened in the last few weeks regarding PandwaRF.

PandwaRF recovery procedure

Some of you have experienced a device malfunction after a FW update, and all LEDs started blinking continuously.
We now have a recovery procedure. If your PandwaRF seems bricked, please give it a try.

SDK & sample apps for Android

We released our PandwaRF Android SDK with some sample Android applications for Spectrum Analyzer, Rx/Tx, JavaScript execution.

We did our best to make it as simple as possible and we can’t wait to see what apps you’ll come up with. Feel free to share your work with us and we’ll be glad to feature it on GitHub 🙂

New antenna pack

We now ship PandwaRF with the multiband telescopic antenna + 3 miniature SMA antennas (315/433/868-915 MHz).
This way PandwaRF now fits in your pocket and is fully portable.

PandwaRF Rogue

PandwaRF Rogue is now on pre-order, for an estimated shipping date June 1 2017.

The PandwaRF Rogue version is an improved variant of the PandwaRF, dedicated to brute forcing wireless devices available on the market. It is based on the same HW as PandwaRF, but with many SW optimization and fine tunings. The embedded Brute Force engine has been reworked to reduce the brute force duration.

PandwaRF Rogue also includes several predefined coding patterns (aka Function masks) corresponding to common wireless devices available on the market. Once you have a RF capture of the target device, you just need to set up the Function Mask. PandwaRF Rogue will optimize the brute force duration for you. You don’t have to worry about codes being sent multiple times. Please note that Rogue doesn’t include a device database, which is reserved for public agencies.

PandwaRF Rogue also allows BF task splitting. You can resume a BF operation from where you stopped it.

We put a lot of effort into the brute force algorithms, and we will show you in an upcoming video how fast it is at disarming an alarm.

Please contact us if you need more information on PandwaRF Rogue.

New product and price policy

Along with the launch of PandwaRF Rogue, we updated our entire product and price policy.
From now on, the PandwaRF Bare is also available with the FW included. It is the bare version of the PandwaRF, without the case and the battery. Also, the PandwaRF is now available at a lower price.
Please check our website for a full comparison between the different product versions.

SOFINS – Special Operation Forces Innovation Network Seminar

ComThings attended SOFINS 2017, an event dedicated to R&D for special operations forces (GIGN, Raid, BRI, DNRED).

The Brute Force feature of PandwaRF Rogue was showcased in the electronic warfare area.