As you may know, the PandwaRF Android application embeds a JavaScript parser. This gives users the possibility to script some RF actions directly from the smartphone.

Since 2014, we were using Mozilla’s JavaScript engine: SpiderMonkey. To be honest it always has been a pain to maintain, especially for 64-bit devices.

So we took the opportunity of the Android 64-bit requirement deadline to think carefully about our next move.

And we came up with the decision to completely remove the SpiderMonkey parser from our application and from our Maven library.

SpiderMonkey is dead, long live SpiderMonkey! (But somewhere else, far from us).

And now the good news!

Since the release 1.5.4, PandwaRF Android is using Duktape-android.

Following this architecture change, the JS parser is now one level higher and included in the Gollum Java library instead of the Gollum native library.

Also, there are some changes in the syntax: all JS commands must be prefixed with “GollumJS.”. For example : GollumJS.setModulation(0x30);

In addition we have reviewed and fixed many JS commands and sample scripts.

Note that the Developer JavaScript Functions Mapping wiki is NOT yet updated.

Please be patient and report us any issue you may encounter.