We just uploaded a demo video showing how to use the Protocols page available for the PandwaRF Rogue family (Pro and Gov).

For the demo we used:

  • A PandwaRF Rogue Pro
  • The PandwaRF Android app
  • The Multifon Home Guard home alarm and its remote
  • URH (Universal Radio Hacker)

The PandwaRF Rogue Pro can impersonate an alarm’s commands (Arm, Disarm etc) if you know which protocol or encoder the alarm model is using. In our example we know that the Multifon uses the EV1527 encoder chipset.

In the demo video we explained how to fill out the fields in the Protocols page of the PandwaRF Rogue app using URH – Universal Radio Hacker and the original remote of the device.

Using URH we did 4 captures of all the buttons of the remote. We then copied what URH captured by filling out all the spinners in the app with the right symbols. 

The app computes in real time the entered values and at the end we could see the frame that will be sent, and we could send it. 

By following these steps Rogue Pro could easily impersonate all the commands of the device (Arm, Disarm, Home).

This feature has several advantages:

  • You can replay any command of a device as you wish
  • It only takes a few minutes to achieve this result
  • It is easy to use and it only requires a little RF knowledge

We hope you found this video useful and if you are looking for more demos, make sure to check out our YouTube channel

Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: This feature is for usage on your own equipment only. You are solely responsible for using your PandwaRF Rogue legally.