Do you know that Kaiju now comes with a REST API support?
You can call the Kaiju API with the tool or language of your choice, and Kaiju will return nicely JSON-formatted results.

For example, to analyse a captured data you can do:



  • by your kaiju email account
  • XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX by your PandwaRF MAC address
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by your Kaiju API token (found in your Kaiju User Profile page)
  • <Input your binary data here> by the RF data captured. Not ethat you can alsouse rawHexStream if you have hex data.

You will receive a JSON response like:

    "user": "",
    "id": "433f1679-4679-475e-adcc-73b4a237dd9f",
    "name": "kaiju_compute_analyze_detailed",
    "status": "queued",
    "progress": 0,
    "complete": false,
    "failedReason": "",
    "resultType": "analyze/detailed",
    "enqueuedAt": "2021-11-25T10:07:56.576538Z",
    "startedAt": null,
    "endedAt": null,
    "queue": "high",
    "kaijuVersionUsed": "v286",
    "origin": "PandwaRF Rogue Pro",
    "pandwaRfProduct": 25846

Then use the provided task id (433f1679-4679-475e-adcc-73b4a237dd9f) to query the Kaiju analysis result:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ' \
--header 'Cookie: csrftoken=fJfzYwaRUSUt8RN0PbtcyWqcpcqOq7cw7dyNskQpUIquBFTEjK65a5VbVZv481gl' \
--data-raw ''

You will receive a JSON response like:

"task": {
...Removed data...
"rxTxConfig": {
...Removed data...
"generatedTxConfig": null,
"remoteData": {
"manufacturerCodeId": "MC027",
"type": "Gate Opener",
"brand": "FAAC",
"model": "RC",
"serialNumberHex": "0x00061C0",
"syncCounter": 4,
"fixedPartHex": "0x2600061C0",
"plainTextHex": "",
"cipherTextHex": "0x744D8955",
"buttonStatus": 6,
"encoder": "PWM 198",
"cipher": "KeeLoq",
"createdAt": "2021-11-25T10:04:39.871711Z",
"locked": false,
"rollingCodes": [],
"imageUrl": ""


The (not so) complete documentation is available as a Swagger or Redoc specifications.

You can see how to use the most important API in this video, using curl: Kaiju API for rolling code analysis & generation.