Greetings, dear RF hacker,

the latest version of Kaiju Rolling code analyzer & generator can now directly generate Python scripts for Yard Stick One (YS1).

Yard Stick One

Yard Stick One (YS1) is a RF tool designed by Great Scott capture & transmit RF data on Sub-1GHz bands.

The YS1 is based on the same RF transceiver (Texas Instruments CC1111) as PandwaRF, and is widely used in the world of RF hacking.

Unlike PandwaRF, YS1 can only be used with a host CPU running Python, and Python programming knowledge is required.

How to generate YS1 Python script from Kaiju

  1. From a Kaiju remote, generate one (or more) rolling code
  2. In the rolling code list, choose the rolling code to transmit using a YS1 script
  3. Click the YS1 button in front of the chosen rolling code
  4. A dialog containing the YS1 Python script will be displayed
  5. Copy the generated snippet into a .py file and run it as you would do for a RfCat script
    • run your .py file in the rfcat directory (cloned from official RfCat repo)
    • /rflib directory needs to be present
  6. Enjoy the magic ♥


Differences between YS1 & PandwaRF

Here is a short summary of the main differences between YS1 & PandwaRF:

  YS1 PandwaRF Rogue
Features SpecAn/RX/TX SpecAn/RX/TX/BF
Frequency 300-348, 391-464,782-928 MHz 300-348, 391-464,782-928 MHz
Autonomous   Yes, for Brute Force
Battery   500mAh


Yes Yes
BLE   Yes
Python Yes Yes
JavaScript   Yes
Android   Yes
Rolling Codes   Yes, with Kaiju
Cost €€€
Open Source Yes  

PandwaRF also has its own fork of RfCat Python script, which can be found here.

There is also a dedicated page in the PandwaRF wiki about RfCat usage with PandwaRF.