Store RF data in your PandwaRF and send it with a button press

Did you know that you can store RF data inside your PandwaRF memory and send it afterwards without using the PandwaRF Android application?

To save some data inside your PandwaRF, follow these steps:

  • Connect the Android to your PandwaRF
  • In the Rx/Tx page, enable Expert mode
  • Perform a RF capture
    • set the frequency, data rate
    • press Capture
    • wait until data is captured
  • Expand the Button link section
  • Press on the button (1 to 4) that you want to assign RF data to
  • Disconnect from your PandwaRF
  • Press the button (1 to 4)
    • The red LED shall blink once to indicate transmission


Note: Storing RF data inside PandwaRF memory is possible on all PandwaRF and PandwaRF Rogue variants & versions:

  • PandwaRF (V3/V4)
  • PandwaRF Rogue (Pro/Gov) (V3/V4)


But only the V4 versions have the HW buttons accessibles on the outside of the enclosure.

The V3 versions have the same buttons, but you will need to open the enclosure to access them.


See also PandwaRF automatic buttons lock.