Pattern Highlighting

Did you know that PandwaRF Application can automatically find and highlight the data corresponding to many rolling codes protocols, like KeeLoq, Somfy, Came, Nice FLOR, etc..?

Here is how you can enable this very useful feature:

  • In the Rx/Tx page, expand the Display option
  • Click Set to define the highlight options:
    • Compress consecutives zeroes: any long sequence of ‘0’ will be compressed and marked as [‘0…’xNNN], where NNN is the number of repetition of the zero
    • Highlight patterns found: the binary or hexadecimal captured data will be colorized if it matches a known rolling code protocol
  • Start a RX capture by pressing Capture button
  • If an orange fingerprint icon is displayed along with the text “Pattern found: Brand/Model (rolling code)”, it means a known pattern has been found
  • The total and distinct numbers of codewords are displayed

For example, if Pattern found: Nice FloR (rolling code) x5, Distinct codewords 2″ means:

  • the data correspond to brand Nice, model FloR
  • 5 codewords (CW) have been found
  • but only 2 different codewords are captured (so 3 of them are repetition)
  • Note: Kaiju will require at least 2 distinct codewords to decrypt a transmission



  • Pattern Highlighting is very useful to estimate the correctness of the RF parameters used for the capture
  • A positive pattern identification means that Kaiju will be able to perform data analysis based on correct data
  • Pattern Highlighting is done on the fly
  • Pattern Highlighting is triggered each time a new RF packet is received
  • Pattern Highlighting option has no impact on re-transmitted data
  • Only the visualization of the data is impacted by Pattern Highlighting
  • Fixed codes are not highlighted. To analyze a fixed code, use the Fixed Code analysis option

Here is a video of the feature used in real time.

Supported products are PandwaRF & PandwaRF Rogue