Are your alarm systems secure?

We just uploaded a short video showing the PandwaRF brute force attack on home alarm systems.

The setup was:

  • PandwaRF dongle
  • Smartphone with the PandwaRF Android app
  • 2 different home alarm systems and their remote controls

The first alarm shown in the video is being bruteforced with a 100% success rate in less than 9 minutes with the PandwaRF, and less than 30 seconds with the Rogue, our device dedicated to wireless brute forcing (18x faster).

The second device is bruteforced with a 100% success rate in less than 5 hours with the PandwaRF, and less than 10 minutes with the Rogue (30x faster).

We made this video to show how unsecure are the so-called alarm systems available on the market and how fast they can be deactivated using a brute force attack.

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Disclaimer: You may only use the Brute Force feature to assess the security of your own RF devices. You are solely responsible for using your PandwaRF legally.