We are proud to announce that Kaiju, our Rolling code analyzer & generator, is now able to decipher transmissions from KeeLoq Secure (Seed-derived) Systems.

The KeeLoq Secure algorithm is one of the most secure systems currently used for garages and gate openers.

Unlike KeeLoq Normal, which is a Serial Number-derived System, and has been supported since a long time by Kaiju, the KeeLoq Secure algorithm relies on a learning seed which is only transmitted by the remote during pairing with the receiver. This occurs only once in the lifetime of the remote control and the learning seed is never transmitted during normal operation.

According to Microchip documentation:

there is no way to obtain the learning seed or the key from the transmitter, once the seed transmission capability has been inhibited.

We can now affirm that the KeeLoq Secure algorithm can indeed be broken, with only a couple of transmitted RF frames.

The code hopping encoders using KeeLoq Secure are: HCS200, HCS300, HCS301, HCS360, and HCS361.

These encoders are used by the most famous brands of gate openers systems.

Once Kaiju has retrieved the learning seed, it is able to generate new valid rolling codes.

These rolling codes can be transmitted to the target receiver using a PandwaRF or any other RF transmitter.

We will soon release the Secure Decrypt feature to Kaiju, available with a Kaiju license.

Stay tuned for the list of supported systems!