We are now offering our 2 best sellers RF tools as a special pack ideal for Police & Law Enforcement Agencies.

The PandwaRF LEA Pack is the combination of our 2 latest generation complementary RF tools:

  • PandwaRF Rogue Gov: portable RF analysis tool, allows the capture, analysis and re-transmission of RF data via an Android device.
  • PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate: portable RF tool for autonomous capture of RF data, typically keypress of keyfobs (alarms, cars, gate openers).

PandwaRF Rogue Gov

The PandwaRF Rogue Gov variant provides the same features as the Pro variant, plus some additional sensitive features. This version is dedicated to police and Law Enforcement Agencies. Because of its discreet usage, it is ideal for covert entry operations.

PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate

Marauder has been developed for activities requiring a discreet capture of RF data, typically keypress of keyfobs (alarms, cars, gate openers…).

The Marauder can be set up to automatically listen and record all RF data on pre-configured frequencies. Captured data is automatically demodulated and saved internally in the product’s internal memory. RF data can be replayed when needed using the dedicated Android application.

Once started, the Marauder is entirely autonomous.


More details on the PandwaRF LEA pack can be found here.

The PandwaRF LEA pack is an exclusive product for government and law-enforcement agencies.
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