Great news! I will be giving a training about RF hacking & rolling codes at Hack In Paris from June 27 to June 29, 2022.

You would be surprised to see how easy it is for an entry level hacker, or even for someone without any skills at all but with the right tools, to open your garage, disarm your home alarm, or steal your car. Well stealing cars without breaking has gained a lot of attention lately with the rise of Passive Keyless Entry Systems (PKES), so I guess you should not be surprised about the last one.

In this training I will de-mystify the concepts of rolling codes, and show you how un-secure gate openers, garage doors, alarms, or even cars are.

You will also:

  • learn the black magic behind security of gate openers or cars, rolling codes algorithms
  • understand why what was secure some years ago is sometime still correctly secured or totally flawed
  • learn how to use the right tools to capture, analyze, modify & retransmit RF data.
  • practice with SDR, PandwaRF and Kaiju


So come join us and have fun becoming a RF hacker. More information here.