We have some good news. As we are updating our product range and introducing new product versions like the Marauder, the prices of our current products are also evolving.

Therefore we are happy to announce that the PandwaRF Rogue Pro is now available at the lower price of 550€ (meaning a -30% price reduction)

As a reminder, the Rogue Pro provides several additional features to the PandwaRF, like a reworked brute force engine for a reduced duration and several predefined coding patterns corresponding to common wireless devices.

The device is ideal for physical pentesters and cybersecurity professionals since it is dedicated to advanced brute forcing. It allows a brute force session to be up to 30x faster than the PandwaRF (see it for yourself in our demo). 

The price reduction is effective immediately and it applies to all Rogue Pro orders placed on our website.