The PandwaRF Android App now supports sending captured data to Kaiju for KeeLoq Secure Seed Decrypt.

Seed-based systems are among the most secured and robust encryption methods used by gate openers.

But Kaiju has the processing power and the algorithms required to break this security in a few minutes.

All you need to do in to go in the Advanced page of the application:

  • click Secure Decrypt button
  • select one or several previous captured data you want to decrypt
  • choose the brand to attempt decryption among one of currently supported systems (BFT, Erreka, FAAC, Genius)
  • wait until the decryption is finished and the seed has been found (decryption is generally between 2-5mn)
  • generate new rolling codes for this remote

For more information about deciphering transmissions from KeeLoq Secure Systems see this post and this post.

The Kaiju license for KeeLoq Secure Seed Decrypt can be purchased here.