En Taro Adun!

For users of some of the most advanced Kaiju Licenses, you may have noticed that a new menu has been unlocked in your Kaiju Dashboard.

Under Analyse/Secure Decrypt you can decipher transmissions from KeeLoq Secure (Seed-based) Systems.

Seed-based systems are among the most secured and robust encryption methods used by gate openers.

The principle is quite simple (but often simple is better…):

  • During the pairing process, a random number is exchanged only once – between the keyfob transmitter and the receiver.
  • Transmitter and receiver transform the seed into a device key, which is then used to cipher every transmission between the keyfob and the gate opener receiver.
  • Since the seed used to generate the device key is only known to the remote and the receiver and never exchanged again, it is difficult for an attacker to decrypt the intercepted data.

This system is also widely used in buildings, where you can find Master and Slave remotes.

  • In such buildings only the master remote (owned by the property manager) is able to generate and transmit the correct seed to a slave remote (owned by a tenant).
  • So tenants with a slave remote cannot create a new remote without the manager’s approval.
  • This is the case for example with FAAC SLH systems.


The following systems are currently supported by Kaiju:

  • BFT Mitto

  • Erreka

  • Genius/Casali Amigo


And we will be adding more systems very soon.

You can can purchase a Kaiju License for Secure Decrypt here.