We are happy to announce that Kaiju now supports the decoding & encoding of the Erreka rolling codes frames on 433.92 & 868.35 MHz.

The Erreka family of remotes use a secure mechanism called KeeLoq Secure (Seed-derived).

The decoding of such systems is available from the Secure Decrypt menu, under the Analyse section.

The (non-exhaustive) list of supported Erreka systems is:

  • Erreka LIRA
  • Erreka IRIS
  • Erreka VEGA

For those who don’t know Kaiju yet, Kaiju is the Rolling code analyzer & generator engine for PandwaRF , and is totally integrated into the following products:

  • PandwaRF Rogue Pro
  • PandwaRF Rogue Gov
  • PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate

Stay tuned for more supported systems!