Dear customer, partner, RF enthusiast,

I wanted to inform you about important changes regarding our products.

As you may already know, back in November 2020 we released the alpha version of Kaiju, a Rolling code analyzer & generator.
Kaiju is the result of years of efforts in reverse engineering various RF devices, analyzing their encryption, and finding out how they communicate.
This was hard work, but I am very proud of what we achieved.
As of today, Kaiju is able to:

  • decrypt captured RF frames of almost all of the gate openers on the market.
  • generate valid rolling codes that users can send to simulate a genuine remote control/keyfob.
  • support various input formats: modulated or demodulated binary/hex streams, I/Q samples file, PWM, …
  • be used from an API, a web application or our PandwaRF Rogue/Marauder family of products.
  • more features are coming every month…

We are working continuously on more systems like car keyfobs, home alarms, etc…

To break some of the encryption protocols used by today’s keyfobs, there was simply not enough performance in PandwaRF or even in any smartphone on the market.
This is the reason why we have created Kaiju as an online engine, because of the computing power that Kaiju uses.

As a part of this evolution, I wanted to let you know that we will soon change the way we distribute our products, using licenses per feature.

Kaiju Licenses

We will introduce Kaiju licenses, that can be acquired according to your needs, with or without a PandwaRF HW.

Here are some of the changes that will be applied:

  • We have introduced Kaiju licenses and Kaiju Tokens
  • Licenses allows user to perform an (almost) unlimited amount of signal decoding, while tokens can be used if user requires decoding once in a while
  • Kaiju licenses/tokens can be purchased with or without a PandwaRF HW
  • PandwaRF Rogue Pro, PandwaRF Rogue Gov and PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate will now be sold with an included renewable Kaiju license, typically a 1Y license for gate openers (KeeLoq, custom ciphers, secure decrypt, …)
  • Licenses can be purchased for additional features (cars, home alarms,…)
  • Every license automatically unlocks premium features, eg.: I/Q file input, Yard Stick One (YS1) script generation, Unlimited Data Retention, API, …
  • Purchasing a license includes all updates for new devices
  • A complete description of the Kaiju licenses is available on our website
  • The whole PandwaRF family (Rogue Pro/Gov, Marauder Basic/Standard/Ultimate) will continue to be distributed through our network of distributors or directly by us.

Licenses, new orders and existing stocks

    • Products sold before 15/09/2021 are automatically assigned an 5Y Pro license for gate openers. This is our way of thanking our customers for their confidence.
    • Products sold between 15/09/2021 and 30/09/2021 (or until as long as stocks last) have an included 2Y Pro license for gate openers.
    • Products sold after 01/10/2021 have an included 1Y Pro license for gate openers.

PandwaRF stocks

Due to the 2020–2021 global chip shortage, impacting some of the electronic components we use in our HW, we foresee a zero-stock of all of our products around mid November 2021. All orders until depletion will be served based on order date.
This also means once all our stock has been sold, we will not be able to honor new orders until 1Q2022, and possibly in short quantities.
I strongly encourage you to anticipate and place an order with us as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any question.