PandwaRF Rogue (Pro and Gov) can automatically detect a device’s frequency using the integrated frequency detection feature. We uploaded a demo video showing how this feature works.

Note that this feature has been greatly improved in the CC1111 FW 1.1.10 release, so please check that you have performed the latest upgrade.

For the demo we used a PandwaRF Rogue (here a Gov) and 3 remotes which transmit on different frequencies: 315,025 MHz, 433,875 MHz and 868,775 MHz.

For each of the remotes, using the frequency detection feature, the Rogue detected the frequency with an accuracy of plus or minus 25 kHz. We then confirmed this result by using SDR# (SDRSharp), a software defined radio software. And we saw a peak on the same frequency.

If you want to try it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. In the Rx/Tx tab, a Detect button is displayed when connected to a PandwaRF Rogue, used to scan all the frequencies and determine on which one the signal is the strongest, and automatically set the frequency accordingly. 
  2. To automatically determine the frequency first click on the Detect button. Then transmit one command with the remote.  
  3. The result will be displayed in the Frequency field.

So if you don’t know on which frequency your target device transmits data, PandwaRF Rogue will do it for you.

Thanks for watching!