Almost one year (November 2020) since we released the alpha version of Kaiju, a Rolling code analyzer & generator.

Since then, Kaiju was free to use, with a PandwaRF product or directly using the web application.

Kaiju is now completely integrated into our PandwaRF family of products:

  • PandwaRF Regular (*)
  • PandwaRF Rogue Pro
  • PandwaRF Rogue Gov
  • PandwaRF Marauder Basic (*)
  • PandwaRF Marauder Standard (*)
  • PandwaRF Marauder Ultimate

We would like to thank all alpha and beta testers who helped us in feeding the Kaiju and fixing some bugs.

Now what happens next?

It is now time that we move Kaiju out of alpha version, and migrate to a more robust production setup: more processing queues, more processing power, more load balancing, …

Starting October 1st, 2021, Kaiju will require either a License or a Token to work. You will find various types of licenses in the near future: gate openers, cars, and more… Of course some of them will be restricted to LEA and you may have to provide some credentials to acquire them.

Every Kaiju license automatically unlocks premium features, e.g.: I/Q file input (URH, HackRF, …), Yard Stick One (YS1) script generation, Unlimited Data Retention, API, …

If you don’t need a full time unlimited license, you can opt for one of our tokens packs, which can be use on a per-need basis. Tokens never expire.

Existing users

To thank all our existing customers owning a Rogue or a Marauder Ultimate, your product is automatically assigned a 2 years license for gate openers decoding and rolling code generation. This is our way of  thanking you for your confidence while we were working hard to deliver the promised featured.

So if you already own one of the Kaiju-compatible product listed above, don’t worry: you have nothing to do 🙂


PS: you can find more information about Kaiju licenses here.

PS2: Use a 30% coupon code valid until October 30th, 2021: SPINEJACKAL to apply on licenses and tokens.


(*): these products are not sold with a Kaiju license