PandwaRF Marauder (Standard & Ultimate) now support automatic protocol detection when downloading captured data.

Protocol detection

The protocol detection, also available in the PandwaRF Rogue family, allows the user to know what type of protocol is used by the captured transmission.

The protocol detection is achieved by analyzing the captured frame structure and extract important distinctive information like:

  • frame duration
  • number of bits in the frame
  • data rate
  • encoding (Manchester, PWM, …)
  • CRC presence and validity

Protocol detection doesn’t perform any decryption of the data, but it is a very good indicator that:

  1. the data has been captured correctly (correct frequency, modulation, data rate)
  2. Kaiju will likely be able to decrypt the captured data and generate new rolling codes

Successful protocol detection is indicated in the Marauder Android application by a in the corresponding Marauder sector.

Protocol detection vs Rolling code support

Unlike protocol detection, the rolling code support performed by Kaiju does decrypt the captured data (see the list of supported devices here).

But it is generally useless to attempt a Kaiju rolling code decryption if the initial protocol detection failed, because the captured data is probably either corrupted or captured with wrong RF parameters.