We just uploaded a demo video summarizing the basic features of the PandwaRF: RX/TX, Spectrum Analyzer and Brute force. The video should come in handy for RF beginners who are just getting started with PandwaRF since it includes quick demos for every main feature.

For the demo we used: 

We showed what happens from the moment you launch the application, how to connect to your PandwaRF and find information in the Bus Service tab. 

We then performed a quick demo for: 

  • The RX/TX tab: measuring the data rate, capturing and re-emitting a signal
  • The SpecAn tab: figuring out the frequency of a device
  • The Brute force tab: setting the type, brand, model and function of the device, and then performing the attack

We hope you found this video useful and if you are looking for more advanced demos, make sure to check out our YouTube channel

Thanks for watching!