Happy New Year everyone!

As 2018 came to an end, we wanted to look back on new features, product versions and other achievements that happened in the past year.

We, at ComThings, are very proud to design, develop and build the PandwaRF in its regular and very popular version. But we are also quite excited to see our Brute Force variants (the Rogue Pro and Gov) more and more used by pentesters and Law Enforcement Agencies.

It is great to see our tool widely used by some RF hobbyists, but it is rewarding to see that our tool is also used by professionals in their work.

New features

We released some long-awaited features like:

  • De Bruijn attack (OpenSesame) for PandwaRF Rogue
  • Somfy protocol support also for PandwaRF Rogue 
  • USB on Android has been made less buggy, and even working 🙂
  • URH – Universal Radio Hacker session import
  • Lower power consumption

Rogue features coming soon

We also prepared the path to some great improvements that will pop up soon in the Rogue variant:

  • Autonomous Brute Force
  • Support for higher RX/TX data rates
  • Rolling codes

New resellers

We struggled to make PandwaRF available on Amazon Europe – working with Amazon as a reseller is quite painful – and also from Rysc Corp. (USA)

New payment methods 

We started accepting Bitcoin payments for PandwaRF and Rogue Pro. And for those who still had some left, we now accept Bitcoin Cash also.

New product versions

We have also started preparing a new product version, the PandwaRF Meddler, along with some cool features that are currently under development:
  • Reactive Jamming, aka stealth jamming. If you wonder what this can be, stay tuned…
  • Jamming detection (demo)

The Marauder is still under polishing and expected to arrive soon – early 2019.

PandwaRF Rogue Gov

We are happy to announce that the Rogue Gov is now used by Law Enforcement Agencies in many countries worldwide, and in 7 countries across Europe.

We are very proud, and hope to make this number greater in 2019.

A bit of statistics

For fun, and also to show (just for show) how hard we work 🙂

In 2018, the PandwaRF SW (Android app, library and Firmware) has grown about 1471 commits (1049 for Android app, 198 for Nordic FW, 153 for CC1111 FW, 71 lost between stash and index).

So PandwaRF is now 70K cloc for FW and 140K cloc for Android. Yes, that’s a big fat baby.


Thank you all for your support!

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