Have you ever wanted to assign categories to your remotes so you can quickly view and filter the origin or status of each Kaiju remote?

Many of the users have hundred or thousands of captures analyzed by Kaiju. When you know that each capture can result in a Kaiju remote being created, the amount of remotes can be quite high.

We are happy to announce that we have introduced Remote Labels, a quick way to split your remotes into separate categories of your own.

Once a remote is created by Kaiju (from binary/hex data) or manually, you have the possibility to simply mark it by a label of your choice.

A label is the composed of name, icon & color and can be changed simply by clicking on it (same as when you star emails in Gmail). Keep clicking the star icon until you see the label you want to use.

Labels can be used to indicate:
  • to which gate openers the remote belongs to (“Home”, “Work 1”, “Audit X”, …),
  • the status of the attacks (successful, failed, etc…),
  • to remember to look at it later,
  • anything that will help you to better organize your data…

Kaiju Labels can be freely created, customized or re-ordered by user with simple drag & drop.

Please let know if you find this feature useful and how you would like to improve it.