Dear backers,

By now, most of your orders either have already been shipped, or are on their way.

We received a lot of feedback from you guys and we really appreciate it. Your comments help us constantly improve PandwaRF (previously GollumRF) and make sure it adapts best to your needs and that the UI is as simple as possible.

You can find the answers to some of your questions in our wiki. It’s still under construction but a lot of information related to PandwaRF’s features is ready, as well as some guidelines to get you started.

We are currently working on adapting PandwaRF to some unexpected mixes of phones and Android versions that some of you have. We also detected a problem when connecting to Nexus 5X phones, so we are now doing some tests on this particular phone model so that we can fix the issue as soon as possible.

We are also working on the robustness of our app, which is not yet adapted to the most impatient of users 🙂 In fact, let’s just say that many of the UI’s input parameters are not secure and validated enough before usage, which we admit is our fault.

For those of you who haven’t ordered PandwaRF yet, we have good news. We still have some pieces left of our pre-order batch, so PandwaRF will be available at the pre-order price until the end of this batch! After that we’ll switch to the full price of 165€ instead of 145€.

Also, don’t forget to follow our new PandwaRF Twitter account for all the latest updates and news. And in case you haven’t joined our referral program yet, it’s not too late. This way you can receive 20€ for every friend you recommend PandwaRF to and who makes a purchase too, and they also get a 20€ discount.

Stay tuned!