Dear backers,

We are very happy to announce that we are now starting to ship PandwaRF (previously GollumRF)!

The PCBs, batteries and enclosures are all assembled, the antennas are also ready and we are now starting to send out your orders! For the delivery we’ll use shipping carriers like UPS, DHL etc, and not the postal service. We’ll start from the oldest to the newest, so if you were among the first to pre-order you can expect to have PandwaRF in your mailbox sometime next week 🙂 If not, please be patient, we’ll get to your order in no time. You’ll also receive your invoice by email soon.

This has been a long process and we worked hard to bring you the best version of PandwaRF, so we hope you enjoy it and you can always contact us to tell us what you think and share your feedback with us. Also, don’t forget to follow us on our new Twitter account. And of course we want to thank you one more time for your support and patience all along the way.

We’re also about to publish a video showing the PCB assembly and another post on the evolution of the product, its features and different versions. Stay tuned!