Don’t worry, we’re just talking about the name 🙂

As we mentioned in a previous post, even if we love it, due to copyright issues we won’t be able to keep the name GollumRF. We were really attached to it because it was the codename of the project since we first started building the product. Later on we decided to keep it simply because we are huge LOTR fans 🙂 We (naively) hoped this wouldn’t be a problem until we received a letter from Warner Bros. a few days ago… Apparently they have a different point of view: Gollum is their Precious! We don’t have the right to use the character’s name or appearance at all. So we have no choice but to give up the name and to admit that we made a mistake deciding to keep it as an official one. We took a risk, we lost and now we have to accept the consequences.

This is bad news mostly because of all the advertising efforts involved, but it will have no impact whatsoever on the product itself or its shipping date.

We therefore began some time ago a rebranding process which involves changing the name and the logo. We already came up with a cool new unique unpronounceable name for the product. From now on, GollumRF will become PandwaRF: half panda, half dwarf, the same RF tool to (almost) rule them all 🙂 We also designed a new logo and it turned out pretty great. We hope you like it as much as we do.



Like we said, this has no impact on the production. We just need to replace the logo on the enclosures, which won’t lead to a delay in the shipping date, and the product will be just as awesome 🙂

Don’t forget to follow our website for updates about the changes and the (fast approaching) shipping date – ETA is the 2nd week of November.

And in case you haven’t done it yet, we’d love to have your feedback about the existing features, your suggestions for improvement or anything else you might want to share with us.