Thank you for all your messages. We’re happy that you’re just as excited as we are about our GollumRF.

We have big news for you, both good and bad. We’ll start with the good news. It’s been a long journey since we’ve decided to open GollumRF for pre-orders, with a lot of surprises and many HW revisions. We are very grateful for your support and patience all along the way and we are proud to announce we’ve now reached the end of the journey: we have arrived to a functional final version.

More precisely, we received a few pieces of the final version of GollumRF Big, we finished testing the pre-production batch and we reached a stable version.  We now have a more robust USB plug, the PCB is thicker and we have a better LGA package footprint. We also fixed the debug pins which were wrongly mapped in the previous batch.

From what we can see they’re all working as expected, so we just launched the production for the first batch of PCBs!                                   

In the meantime we received the enclosures too. They fit perfectly and the black and white design is beautiful.

This being said, the first production batch should arrive in about a month. Plus some mounting and testing and we’ll start shipping by mid-November! And to thank you for your patience, we’re also planning to include some goodies in your orders 🙂

And now, the bad news. We also have something else to share with you: as much as we’d love the name GollumRF, we’re afraid we can’t keep it due to copyright issues 🙁 We were really bummed when we found out, given all the advertising efforts involved with the name GollumRF and also because, as you might have noticed, we are huge LOTR fans.  We’ll publish another post to tell you all about it. Of course, this will have no impact on the shipping date and the product will be just as awesome. We’ll just have to change the logo on the enclosures and give up on the one we already made, which will become collector.

Stay tuned for more news about future changes and about the shipping status.

Thanks again for all of your support guys, we love you.